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Spiler Psychotherapy™ specialize in Personality Disorders, and Couple and Family Conflicts. Evidence-based treatment approaches: Dialectical Behavioral Therapy, Transference Focused Psychotherapy, Neurolinguistic Programming, Psychodynamic, and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy.

Mental Wellness Services

BPD Therapy Burlington Ontario

Individual Counselling

The talking treatment offered is customized to the individual’s uniqueness and the personal challenges they are experiencing within their current… Learn More »

Copyle Counselling in Brulington Ontario

Couples and Marriage Counselling

Couples are assisted in overcoming and managing their relationship crises and impasses. Both partners are also supported to adopt and enhance… Learn More »

Family Counselling in Burlington Ontario

Family Counselling

Working with families requires an approach to understanding human behavior shaped by its social context. This approach also requires treating… Learn More »

Spiler Psychotherapy™ - Family Support Group

Family Support Group

Spiler Psychotherapy™ offers monthly psycho-educational and confidential group meetings in a 5-part series format. It encourages a collaborative… Learn More »

Spiler Psychotherapy™ - Workshops


We offer online workshops for Families who have a loved one diagnosed with borderline personality disorder.  These workshops are for… Learn More »

Spiler Psychotherapy™ - Return to Work Mindset

Return to Work Insights

In the wake of pandemic disruption and the added pressures of meeting deadlines and limited resources or uncertainty within your careers… Learn More »

Spiler Psychotherapy™ - Coaching

Behavioral Coaching

One of the main objectives of our customized coaching is to assist individuals, groups, trainers, and organizations to develop the tools… Learn More »

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