Couples are assisted in overcoming and managing their relationship crises and impasses. Both partners are also supported to adopt and enhance a collaborative mindset capable of fulfilling their need for connection, attachment and love. A key therapeutic goal includes the development and integration of strategies that promote the attainment of a relationship involved in healthy attachments, meaningful connections, and romantic commitments.

My aim as a couple’s therapist is to model and assist them to integrate four key abilities to achieve relational success: 1) knowing and communicating what each desire, 2) noticing and discovering what their partner desires, 3) negotiating to obtain some of what each desires, and 4) providing what each can offer of what their partner desires.

The need for love and attachment is a major compelling force that underlies our striving for satisfying relationships. Of the many possible and experienced, relationships involved in romance, love and marriage standout as perhaps the most important. For most of us, romantic love is considered an essential prerequisite to marriage. An ongoing relationship is more demanding and beyond the intense tempo and support of love. Couples pass through the stages of falling in love, falling out of love, staying in love, or maintaining a satisfying and lasting relationship. Each stage has its own relationship requirements. We support couples to explore healthier ways to effectively negotiate the changing requirements to improve and sustain fulfilling relationships.