One of the main objectives of our customized coaching is to assist individuals, groups, trainers, and organizations to develop the tools that transform default and limiting responses to resourceful ones, capable of generating optimum-level performance. It is extremely important to us that we mindfully consider the context for selecting the most appropriate tools for the job. underlying our approach, is the belief that tools can be used time and time again to build something new and create new opportunities, as well as repair what already exists. Our overall goal is to use these tools to help clients learn to apply them themselves. With an emphasis on both task and relationship, our coaching process is designed to help people and teams perform at the peak of their abilities. This process draws out people’s strengths, helps them to bypass personal barriers and limitations, and helps them function more effectively as team members.

Our narrow-band coaching is more focused at a behavioral level, and helps the person to achieve or improve a particular behavioral performance. Our wide-band coaching helps people effectively achieve outcomes on a range of levels that emphasizes generative change, concentrates on strengthening identity and values, and brings dreams and goals into reality. Our approaches (methodologies) are highly solution-focused, promoting the development of new strategies for thinking and acting:

  • Project coaching—the strategic management of a team in order to reach the most effective results.
  • Situational coaching—the specific enhancement or improvement of performance within a context.
  • Transitional coaching—helping people move from one job or role to another.
  • Executive coaching—a range of activities that includes aligning personal development with organizational goals, one-to-one business consulting, and organizational transformation through individual and organizational alignment toward future goals.

In our training we use the very same tools and techniques that support effective coaching.

We coach you at the behavioral level to improve on specific behavioral competencies and performance.

We teach you new cognitive skills and capabilities, and assist to increase your competencies and thinking skills relevant to an area of learning.

We mentor you through empowering beliefs and values and guide you to discover your own unconscious competencies and overcome internal conflicts and resistances.

We sponsor you to grow, focusing on the development of your identity and core values.

We awaken your awareness of the larger system of which you are a part by bringing out the best of yours understanding of love, self and spirit.