BPD Support Family Group

Spiler Psychotherapy| M Spiler Social Work Professional Corporation   offers monthly psycho-educational and confidential group meetings in a 5-part series format. It encourages a collaborative atmosphere that facilitates the emergence of a supportive network between group members. This venue supports families dealing with a member who suffers from Borderline Personality Disorder or undiagnosed but related issues of emotional dysregulation, crises involving attempts or threats of suicide and other disruptive or destructive behaviors.

The focus of this series is to help family members organize their thinking and encourages greater self-awareness of their personal needs. Effective coping tools are identified, and regular self-care practices are highly recommended. Maximizing their effectiveness of their supportive role in the life of the suffering family member is strongly encouraged.

There is a lot of stigma around personality disorders. People living with Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD) may be given hurtful labels. But no one is ever just their diagnosis, whether they’re living with a personality disorder or any other mental illness. There is hope and there is help. As with other mental illnesses, and mostly with personality disorders such as BPD, individual sufferers can be extremely challenging to their family members and mental health service providers. Since BPD can be a mental illness of a high-risk nature that includes distress intolerance, emotional volatility, and interpersonally conflict-ridden, treatment expertise for BPD is in very high demand and yet its availability is sparse. Waiting lists and treatment can be long and not easily accessible.

In an effort to reduce the demand for family support in the community, we at Spiler Psychotherapy | M Spiler Social Work Professional Corporation believe we are doing our part to meet to this highly anticipated and much needed service: The Borderline Personality Disorder Group Support for Families.

Our narrow-band coaching is more focused at a behavioral level, and helps the person to achieve or improve a particular behavioral performance. Our wide-band coaching helps people effectively achieve outcomes on a range of levels that emphasizes generative change, concentrates on strengthening identity and values, and brings dreams and goals into reality. Our approaches (methodologies) are highly solution-focused, promoting the development of new strategies for thinking and acting:

  • Project coaching—the strategic management of a team in order to reach the most effective results.
  • Situational coaching—the specific enhancement or improvement of performance within a context.
  • Transitional coaching—helping people move from one job or role to another.
  • Executive coaching—a range of activities that includes aligning personal development with organizational goals, one-to-one business consulting, and organizational transformation through individual and organizational alignment toward future goals.

In our training we use the very same tools and techniques that support effective coaching.

We coach you at the behavioral level to improve on specific behavioral competencies and performance.

We teach you new cognitive skills and capabilities, and assist to increase your competencies and thinking skills relevant to an area of learning.

We mentor you through empowering beliefs and values and guide you to discover your own unconscious competencies and overcome internal conflicts and resistances.

We sponsor you to grow, focusing on the development of your identity and core values.

We awaken your awareness of the larger system of which you are a part by bringing out the best of yours understanding of love, self and spirit.

Our Services

Assist individuals, groups, trainers, and organizations to develop the tools that transform default and limiting responses to resourceful ones, capable of generating optimum-level performance

Our informed treatment is used for individuals struggling with disabling symptoms and emotional dysregulation.  We help the individual to develop more adaptive, integrated and realistic ways of obtaining satisfaction and fulfillment in their lives

We offer couples and families the opportunity to develop healthier ways to effectively improve their interactions and relationships

We offer couples and families the opportunity to develop healthier ways to effectively improve their interactions and relationships