A personality disorder is a mental illness that can be described as a disruption of the psyche that distorts a person’s perception of him/herself, others, and relationships. These distortions prevent the person from achieving genuine satisfaction in love, work, or play. These distortions make these individuals particularly difficult to treat; however, because individuals with…read more

One of the main objectives of our customized coaching is to assist individuals, groups, trainers, and organizations to develop the tools that transform default and limiting responses to resourceful ones, capable of generating optimum-level performance. It is extremely important to us that we mindfully consider the context for selecting the…read more

Venturing into new clinical territory, particularly with technology, offers many possibilities and opportunities. This venue allows counselors to provide counselling services to a much larger pool of clients and their families, unhindered by geography, time zone and other limitations inherent by the counselor’s local office and community…read more

A portion of my clientele is made up of couples who seek some kind of assistance claiming they have “communication” problems. They each report their view of the situation that led them to seek therapy because they find it unbearable to be together or try to communicate without it resulting in a argument that can last for days…read more